About the project

Published: Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Context/background of the project

The project was carried out by four vocational schools. They intended to pursue the development of their students’ transferable skills in order to improve their employability.

Our target group were students threatened by failure (school dropout...) and pupils at lower levels of VET who are generally less motivated and less trained in these skills.

The main goal of the project was to enhance their chances on the labour market by training them in transferable skills. In lower qualified professions companies prefer workers who have good transferable skills rather than those with a lot of knowledge.

The objectives of the project were, first, to make students aware of the importance of acquiring transferable skills. This was achieved by the students interviewing employers and employees. Subsequently, the participants created activities for training these skills. We also created a website in order to publish all our online courses as well as in-class activities. Finally, pupils created a guideline easily accessible to every job seeker.


Activities (carried out by the involved students and teachers)


Number and type/profile of participants involved






Long-term benefits



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